Every shield purchase comes with training. 

All throughout history, warriors have fought with shields.  A mobile, Level III shield is the core of protection and safety for an officer.  Our training combines real-world scenarios with Special Forces inspired tactics to provide the newest in equipment and training for law enforcement,
US Marshals
State Police Undercover Narcotics Unit
State Police SWAT Team

We are the Sole Source Provider for the Vector Shield and its tactics.


Tactics were created by a Green Beret medic who was also a West Point Combatives instructor and LEO.

Training is all hands-on to keep students engaged while learning new tactics.

Tactics You Will Learn Are Based On Current Events And Lessons Learned

Felony Traffic Stops

Elevated Active Shooter

Portable Mobile Cover 

Mobile Cover For Each Team Member

Door Approaches

Blind Angle Peeks

Mobile Cover Around A Tire

Vessel Boarding And Defense

A Necessity For Attic Peeks

Move Quickly Down Narrow Passages 

School Shootings

Defends Against Bat Attacks

Protects The Hydraulics 

Works With Pepper Spray

Keep Eyes On Active Shooter

Crowd Control

Works With Baton

Exiting A Vehicle

Deflects Bricks, Knives and Needles

Defeats Dog Attacks

Instant Mobile Armor

Protects Teams On Entries

True Mobile Cover

Mental Health Calls

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