About The Vector Shield

The Vector is a new defensive tool available to law enforcement developed and patented by Special Forces Green Beret Medic, Robert Scali.  The Vector Law Enforcement Shield he created works on the body's own natural Flinch Response and is based on Robert's knowledge of medical treatment as a Green Beret Medic and his background in close protection. The Vector Shield and its tactics are unlike anything law enforcement officers have currently to protect themselves   The Vector will provide officers with easily accessible NIJ Level III ballistic protection in any situation in almost any space or area.  The Vector is a ballistic barrier that keeps the center-line of an officer protected so deadly strikes or rounds do not enter the head, neck or chest.
The Vector defeats multiple hit, close range 5.56 green tip, 7.62 and all handgun rounds.  It stops knife and bat attacks as well as needle sticks. The Vector is diverse in its many applications. It can be used in riots as well as to defend against dogs so family pets are not shot.  It provides mobile cover in an empty field, down a narrow hallway, in a crowd or in an attic.  It can be used in a patrol car, on a boat, on a bus or in an airplane.  The Vector is a covert piece of equipment that is less than lethal and looks benign to the public.  Vectors are camouflaged with a ballistic cover that looks like a road reflector with your department name above a Dazzle Pattern. The Dazzle Pattern is created to disorient active shooters.  Vectors can be used safely in schools, hospitals and during sporting events without any threat to the public, keeping officers and the public safe. 
If an officer feels safer knowing he or she is protected from lethal encounters, the officer is less likely to draw their weapon in haste and can often go to a less than lethal force option such as a Taser.  The Vector uses human psychology to provide a more desired, safer response to dangerous encounters.  An officer who is protected behind ballistic armor will have more time to make better decisions.
Vector Defensive Systems only works with law enforcement. Law enforcement officers are our biggest spokespeople. Anyone who sells a Vector would also stand behind one.  
The tactics presented in our demo are new to law enforcement and the bad guys do not have access to this training or tool.
We are the sole source provider for this patented technology. We have the state contracts for the Massachusetts Department of Corrections and the Connecticut State Police. The US Marshals are using Vectors for fugitive apprehension.  We have Vectors in police departments across the United States as well as in London.  Vector had an incredible response at the London Counter Terror Show.  Our client list is protected.  If you are a chief or department head, references are available upon your request.
The standard NIJ Level III Vector weighs about 8 lbs.  Our lightest Knife Vector weighs about 3 lbs. and is meant to stop knife and blunt force attacks in prisons, airplanes or any place where ballistic protection against firearms is not required.
Our "Train the Trainer" program is Hands-On and engages and teaches law enforcement officers life-saving tactics in a variety of situations where there was no protection available to them before.  
Vectors are about a third of the price of the next shield up produced by other companies. A Vector is much more maneuverable than an entry shield. Vectors offer NIJ Level III protection where most entry shields are only NIJ Level IIIA.  Larger entry shields are too big and bulky to deploy in a lot of situations and end up being left in the trunk more often than not.  We work with police every day.  We know this. Vectors can be deployed from the front of a patrol vehicle and are easily accessible.
Road patrols use Vectors for high-risk traffic stops. Warrant Service Teams use Vectors in dangerous warrant service situations like knocking on a door where an armed person may shoot you through the door. SWAT Teams use Vectors on entries as now every person on a team can have cover that is mobile instead of just the front shield person. 
We offer mounts to secure Vectors to bicycles. These mounting systems now turn a standard law enforcement bicycle into true mobile cover for the officer.  With a mounted ballistic plate and a Vector, a bicycle officer can now be protected behind true cover in deadly situations.  The Vector can store in a saddle bag for motorcycle police or on a horse for mounted officers.  The Vector is perfect for environmental police and can be your partner in a deadly situation if you are out in the field alone.
The Vector is needed.  The Vector will save lives.  The Vector could very easily save the life of one of your men or women or brothers or sisters.  20 minutes of your time for a no-obligation demo may just save your life.  To schedule your complimentary demo, please call 239-281-8669 or e-mail [email protected]

Ballistic Shields

Our ballistic shields are handmade by veterans and retired law enforcement officers in our Southwest Florida Factory. We created the world’s first dynamic defensive ballistic shield. This a vital tool that can aid in de-escalating dangerous threats while protecting the lives of law enforcement officers and civilians. Our ballistic shields are designed to save lives.

Mounting Systems

Vector Mounting Systems install in less than 30 seconds. They do not require any screws or tools to install. They can be moved from vehicle to vehicle.
They can store shields, rigs, medical kits or other equipment with safety and ease. Ballistic carriers and plates can be stored within the secured carrier bag which offers even more ballistic protection. The Vector Mounting System works good for active shooter situations and riots and can be customized with your department name.


NarCase® is the only device specifically designed to securely carry and protect nasal administered opioid reversal agents / medicines to aid first responders in potentially saving the life of a person in need. Being able to carry the life saving medicine, holstered in a secure container, while being able to safely deploy ON SCENE, without having to leave the patient is of utmost importance.

Support our Shield-a-Guardian Program

Vector Defensive Systems works with our communities to create an opportunity for citizens and businesses to be  active participants in our mission to protect our guardians with our de-escalation, defensive ballistic shields. We offer a few different opportunities to support. Read more.....

We Are on a Mission to help our Law Enforcement!

The battlefield Law Enforcement faces every day is constantly evolving. Criminals no longer use just small caliber weapons. A criminal today may use an AK-47, AR-15 or other assault type weapon to assault a civilian or officer. These weapons render traditional protective soft body armor useless.   Read more....


The Vector can protect you during team entries, fugitive apprehensions, in active shooter situations or even during a bad traffic stop.

The officer approaches a vehicle for a routine traffic stop with the Vector Shield in the High Ready position.

When reaching for her license and registration, the driver pulls out a firearm from her glove box and aims it at the officer.

Using his own natural Flinch Response, the officer raises the Shield to protect his face and deflects the shot from the driver.

The officer is now able to safely draw his weapon to return fire if needed.

Now that the officer is safely protected behind the Vector Shield, the driver cannot acquire her target. The officer can stop the threat. He will live and go home to his family after his shift.

Contact us for a free demonstration of this life saving ballistic shield. We service law enforcement agencies only.