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A Protected Officer Is Safer For Law Enforcement And The Public

The Vector Law Enforcement Shield was developed by a U.S. Army Special Forces 18D (Green Beret medic). This humanitarian combined his skills as a medic with his knowledge of tactics and weaponry to create a defensive system that protects law enforcement and in doing so, also protects the general public.

The battlefield Law Enforcement faces every day is constantly evolving. Criminals have better technology, training and tactics. Law Enforcement tactics, equipment and training need to evolve to succeed in combatting crime and ensuring the safety of officers and the public .

Law enforcement is the backbone of society. These men and women put their lives at risk everyday for the protection of the American people. Our mission is to save lives, both for law enforcement and civilians in dangerous situations.

An officer protected behind a Vector Shield is in the best position possible to de-escalate dangerous situations and is able to respond to threats in less-than-lethal methods where this was not an option before.

Our mission is to preserve human life by building ballistic equipment and instructing tactics that protect both law enforcement and the general public.

We Can Save Lives

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