A Protected Officer Is Safer For Law Enforcement And The Public

60,211 Officers assaulted in line of duty in 2017 – FBI Statistics

Photo Credit: Jason Fritz


34 of 46 officers shot and killed wore body armor and were shot in the head, neck or chest

Level III ballistic shield instantly covers the head, neck and upper chest to defeat rifle, shotgun and handgun rounds plus knife attacks

"Any place you want to stick your head, this is going to be in front of it. Any barrier that can be placed between yourself and a bad guy is a necessity for any officer." ~ Officer William Nott Jr.
The Shield and its tactics were invented by a veteran Special Forces medic (18D) to protect the hydraulics of  an officer.


A protected officer is less likely to have to resort to lethal force against an attacker

Safer Tactical Solutions that apply to current events

Felony Traffic Stops

Elevated Active Shooter

Portable Mobile Cover 

Mobile Cover For Each Team Member

Door Approaches

Blind Angle Peeks

Mobile Cover Around A Tire

Vessel Boarding And Defense

A Necessity For Attic Peeks

Move Quickly Down Narrow Passages 

School Shootings

Defends Against Bat Attacks

Protects The Hydraulics 

Works With Pepper Spray

Keep Eyes On Active Shooter

Crowd Control

Works With Baton

Exiting A Vehicle

Deflects Bricks, Knives and Needles

Defeats Dog Attacks

Instant Mobile Armor

Protects Teams On Entries

True Mobile Cover

Mental Health Calls



3M Reflective Vinyl – Disorient Active Shooters – Ballistic


For As Little As $24/Mo/Shield With No Payments For 6 Months

Get the Life-Saving Equipment Your Men And Woman Need Now For About The Price Of A Cup Of Coffee A Day.

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Every shield purchase comes with training. 

US Marshals
State Police Undercover Narcotics Unit
State Police SWAT Team
Department Of Corrections

The officer approaches a vehicle for a routine traffic stop with the Vector Shield in the High Ready position.

When reaching for her license and registration, the driver pulls out a firearm from her glove box and aims it at the officer.

Using his own natural Flinch Response, the officer raises the Shield to protect his face and deflects the shot from the driver.

The officer is now able to safely protected behind ballistic armor.

Now that the officer is safely protected behind the Vector Shield, the driver cannot acquire her target. The officer can stop the threat. He will live and go home to his family after his shift.


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