About Vector Defensive Systems

We Are on a Mission to help our Law Enforcement!

The battlefield Law Enforcement faces every day is constantly evolving. Criminals no longer use just small caliber weapons. A criminal today may use an AK-47, AR-15 or other assault type weapon to assault a civilian or officer. These weapons render traditional protective soft body armor useless. Criminals have better technology, training and tactics now than in the past. Law Enforcement’s tactics, equipment and training need to evolve to be successful in combatting crime and ensuring the safety of the public as well as Law Enforcement Officers.

The Vector Shield was developed by a U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret) Medic. The design of the Vector Shield is made into a “V” shape to protect the core of the body.  It runs shoulder to shoulder across the upper part of the shield. The Vector Shield transcends with the contour of the body down to the lower mid-section of the body. Consideration in the design of the Vector Shield was to keep the weight of the shield as minimal as possible while maintaining maximum ballistic protection. The plate of the shield weighs approximately 7 pounds and can provide protection from multiple point blank 7.62 rounds, including green tip ammunition. The Vector Shield is worn on the officer’s non-shooting arm and is designed so an officer can maintain maneuverability.

Law enforcement is the backbone of our society. These men and women put their lives at risk every day for the protection of the American people. The Mission of Vector Defensive Systems is to save lives, so these fine men and women of law enforcement can return home to their families after each shift.

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The Vector Will Save Law Enforcement and Civilian Lives